4 Best Ways To Get Canada VISA and Work Permit

As one of the safest country in the world, Canada is among the top destination of immigrants. If you wish to start a great life and future for your family, Canada should be on your list.

Few Months ago the Canadian government has announced the plans to accept over 1 million immigrants across the world in the next three years.

Many people wish to be among the 1 million immigrants that will be accepted but always encounter difficulties while applying for Canada Visa. This made them Think that Canada Visa procedures for immigrants is difficult and complex.

Well i can authoritatively say its false, because Canada visa is among the easiest and straightforward application process compare to other countries. What most people miss out is the easiest and best method, they sometimes jump in to complicated ones because some travel agents said so. Here are the best ways to grab your visa and immigrate to Canada in 2019:

1. Express Entry
Express entry is an online system of immigration programs to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers. it access the documents submitted by candidates and rank them according to their education, work experience, age and language abilities, Then later choose the best candidate to come to Canada. Express entry is the fastest among all the immigration programs with over 80% percent of applications being processed in 4 months or less. it also allow workers to bring their family members over.

2. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)
With the exception of Quebec, Each of every province and territory has its own immigration programs called Provincial Nominee Programs. This program allow each provinces to evaluate and handle their own affairs. They choose who to get the permanent residency. Each province search out foreign workers with experience in occupations/Jobs which are in-demand. If you are to go with this program then you must check out the requirements of your choice province and see if you are eligible. Being eligible for just one province might be your ticket to Canada.

3. Becoming a Student
Because of their great schools, affordable tuition, and positive attitude towards newcomers, it Is no news that Canada is the top destination for international students. As a student in Canada you can easily apply for permanent residency after your studies has ended. For this reason, many newcomers choose to start their immigration journey by studying in Canada, and then apply for permanent residents status later.

4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP)
The program was launched in 2017 to help bring more workers to Canada’s Atlantic Region. This programs lets business owners, employers in the Atlantic Region hire international workers from outside of Canada. if a foreign worker receives a Job offer from an employer participating in the program, he or she will get their immigration process and in their settlement to Canada. To be eligible for AIP, you must first receive a Job Offer.


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