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By | February 8, 2022

SARS is making available an exciting opportunity to be a part of  a forward looking and focused team of investigators and auditors that are directed to supporting the achievement of  SARS compliance strategy.

We are looking for a high energy, and seasoned Senior Manager that will adopt the role of Senior Manager: Investigations.

The individual will be highly skilled and  experienced in the forensic investigation  environment, with a results driven mindset. Due to the nature of the work, a  self-directed and independent minded Senior Manager with sound judgement and strong business acumen who will contribute towards our higher purpose and service orientation is sought.

S/he will be responsible for providing expert advice and guidance and direction with multiple cases, projects or programmes and lead complex investigations when required.

Job Purpose

To formulate a Investigative strategy and associated delivery plans related to multiple practice areas by conducting investigative audits in the respective regions on individuals and businesses that were flagged during case selection, including desk and field audits based on taxpayer compliance levels and risk priority, in order to ensure practice integration and operational implementation through the achievement of enforcement objectives.

Education and experience

B.Comm (Hons) AND 10-12 years’ experience in an investigations environment, of which 3-4 years ideally at management level.


Relevant Bachelor’s Degree / Advanced Diploma  (NQF 7) AND 15 years investigation experience

Job Objectives


  • Provide independent and objective consulting services by overseeing the planning, implementation and monitoring of  investigation projects  to add value and improve the organisations operations.
  • Plan the performance and documentation of all investigations  and the reporting and resolution of any weaknesses and shortcomings.
  • Provide practice management leadership and conduct any complex investigations  in the region and report outcomes.
  • Use the insights gained through integrated business reports to measure success & realign tactical strategy development objectives appropriately.
  • Recommend changes to optimise processes, systems, policies and procedures, and direct the implementation of change and innovation initiated by the organisation.
  • Develop tactical strategy and delivery plans in support of functional objectives in partnership with leadership.
  • Direct, control, coordinate and optimise budgeted resources to meet specified objectives and deliver agreed results and productivity requirements.
  • Ensure the development and implementation of multiple practices in alignment with operational policy and procedural frameworks.
  • Identify and recommend opportunities to continuously improve all functions and systems in line with national, regional and organisational changes.
  • Plan for handling work outputs, pull together interdependent activities & specify priorities, standards & procesures to ensure tactical excellence.
  • Proacticaly identify interconnected problems, determine its impact and use to develop best fit alternatives; driving best practice solutions.
  • Provide periodic reports on performance against plan & progress on short-term initiatives & use to realign tactical plan and objectives appropriately.


  • Implement governance, risk and compliance policy in own practice areas to identify and manage governance and risk exposure liability.
  • Manage and or advise on the translation and application of policy in a specified functional area.


  • Translate performance expectations into specific metrics and goals to identify and provide effective services, solve problems and achieve objectives.
  • Plan & develop enhanced organisational efficiency by identifying and addressing development requirements & providing tools for people resources.
  • Create a positive work climate & culture to energise employees & give meaning to work, minimise work disruption and maximise employee productivity.
  • Develop & implement appropriate people capacity plans in line with delivery & efficiency targets, on budget & in partnership with specialised areas.


  • Implement and monitor financial control, management of costs and corporate governance in area of accountability.
  • Draw up a budget aligned to business unit delivery plans, monitor planned vs actual, minimuse expenditure and report on cost efficiency.


  • Develop and ensure implementation of practices which builds service delivery excellence and encourages others to provide exceptiona client service.
  • Build strong relationships and develop service level agreements that promote SARS with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Manage an integrated service excellence culture, which builds rewarding relationships and provides opportunity for feedback and exceptional service.

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